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Ramsay's Brewing:   +49 (0)17695156164

I started off like many other brewers, brewing at home and learning as I went. I have been doing this for a number of years, brewing some amazing and some not as amazing beers at home. Over the last few years, I continued improving my recipes and reaching out to some great people in the industry to learn about what they are doing. I am constantly reading, brewing and trying to learn from other more experienced brewers. 

For the past couple years I have been talking about taking a shot at going pro. At the age of 42 I figured it was time to stop talking and actually do something about it, or regret never trying. Thanks to a very supportive wife and family, we have started a beer label that will produce the types of beers we like. 

We will not be producing typical german styles of beer for one reason (and certainly not because we don't like them): there are already a lot of good examples available, and we want to create something unique.

Give our beers a try and follow how we learn and grow along the way. 


Chris Ramsay

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